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    27, Hong Kong Chinese //
    Drawing & Manip // Merlin ;
    Bradley James X Colin Morgan = Long Live BROLIN


    some old drawings i didn’t post yet…


    Just finished scanning ‘My boyfriend is cute anyway' doujin! Is anyone here waiting for scanlation?! xD

    Fxxk, you’re awesome

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    Man from the cast : What was the strangest question you were asked?
    Colin Morgan : the first one ( chuckles and agreement all around )
    Johnny Capps : there were a group of girls who seemed very keen on Merlin
    Bradley James : yes
    Colin Morgan : uhm .. yeah we kinda put an end to that quite quickly didn’t we ( chuckles )
    Man from the cast : Was.. was that the love affair question?
                                              ( chuckles all around )
    Bradley James : yes .. yes
    Polly Buckles : under no circumstances go to google and put in Merlin slash fiction - do not -
                                              ( chuckles all around )
    Polly Buckle : that’s probably a very bad idea
    Colin Morgan : yeah
    Man from the cast : We’ve been sent quite a few erotic links already as well-
    Polly Buckle : i’ve seen it
    Man from the cast : has anyone been to Brokeback Merlin.. lately?
                                            ( gasps and loud laughter )
    Man from the cast : there’s just.. something special about that-Brokeback Merlin-
                                              ( more laughter )
    Johnny Capps : these .. these epic tales are you know there is a certain homoeroticism to them because y’know these are men fighting with swords doing desperate things you know you’re.. you’re always gonna get those kind of questions.

    Bradley James
     : Believe it or not, I actually take it as quite a compliment uhm because … myself and Colin have uhm…y’know from the start y’know we discussed the relationship and how we wanted it to develop and uhm yeah I sort of take it as a compliment that the audiences are seeing something there that they can use uhm and y’know bring it to a complete extreme in my opinion-

    Cast and production staff Q/A session, London MCM Expo, 25th October 2008.

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    Merlin - digital painting

    for my lovely marystell and serenaneko <3

    Art Prints and other stuff is now available on my Society6 profile -http://society6.com/aferova :D




    they all look so cute from up here

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    Hey there. This pallet, god. Took a long time trying to beat the colors into making some sense, and I learned a lot but my brain is fried. Please just imagine they’re by the sea having a little moment, and take me back to season one. ;v;

    Bonus: Failed first attempt. I always want to do simple and clean with lines and flat colors but nope. By the time I realize, it’s already partway rendered and awkward-looking… and I usually end up having to go further…


    I like to watch you sleep

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    X X X X X 

    Greetings from Morocco!


    Ruling royalty

    Commissioned by tracionn