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    27, Hong Kong Chinese //
    Drawing & Manip // Merlin ;
    Bradley James X Colin Morgan = Long Live BROLIN
    Anonymous "Honestly he would have nominated cols if it was called the lukewarm bucket challenge... Colin is delicate.. bradley is aware. He takes care of his bby.



    Bradley James ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)


    Just rewatched his video.

    Bradley James gives me life.


    The Roundhouse Kick (Oh poor Arthur)

    A/N: Inspired by this lovely pic. I couldn’t stop giggling when I first saw this, and immediately thought of Merthur (don’t ask me why xD) and what their domestic life would be like if they became parents. So…it turns out being a da is not that easy.   

    Anonymous "Do you happen to know if the person who was on the same flight with Colin to Morocco ever said which airport they flew out from? Because somebody called Jools on Twitter is thanking Bradley for taking a picture with her girls at Gatwick. The Tweet is from August 17.


    Why are doing this to me, anon? Giving me Brolin feels :’D I know nothing about Bradley being seen on the airport (thank you for information!!)


    and the person who was on plain with Colin didn’t say :’D but wow :’D (i’m not sure though if colin’s flight wasn’t on 16th.)


    colinmorgay said: O HOGd but its possible they saw bradley a day earlier and didnt tweet until aug 17 :DDD

    That’s a big possibility, you’re right! :D

    Have faith.

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    We are all mad about Brolin's ice bucket challenge

    Thanks for 630+ followers (X)

    Probably, Eoin will nominate Alex and Bradley will nominate Colin (at least I’m hoping)

    Come on!! BROLIN fandom rises!!!


    Merlin Warm Bodies AU
    Staring zombie!Merlin and Hunter!Arthur. I drew this artwork for In a Land of Zombies and a Time of Prats by itwasyummy, under the After Camlann Merlin Big Bang challenge

    Chapter headings below the cut & larger versions of the art in the links.

    [high res Merlin] [high res Arthur] [Masterpost on LJ] [my art tag]

    Read More

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    King Eirian

    It’s been a while since my last art post. Still struggling with artist’s block. I’ve often found that I get ‘blocked’ when I’m procrastinating. I love painting faces, ‘cause faces are fun… and they allow me to ignore clothing - which I suck at. I also tend to avoid jewelry ‘cause I find metallic surfaces difficult to render. But it ain’t gonna get better unless you have a bash at it. And so I decided to focus on this painting of my elf king Eirian - face inspired as per usual by handsome Bradley James/King Arthur from Merlin - and deal with some textiles and accessories. And it’s taken a little while… but it’s been fun. It’s so easy to get stuck in your comfort zone… and then you forget how awesome it is to tackle new challenges, even when they frustrate the crap out of you. 

    The bling is inspired by the beautiful jewelry I recently purchased from Raven Eve. This is her website link: http://ravenevejewelry.storenvy.com/ 

    Check it out, it’s amazing.

    Katie McGrath : I didn’t know.
    Bradley James : I didn’t say anything to them err-
    Angel Coulby : that’s a no
    Colin Morgan : No
    Host : whoops!
                                (Colin laugh)
    Bradley James : uhm, so thanks–for–that!
    Angel Coulby : he didn’t tell us we didn’t know he was doing it-
    Johnny Capps : I thought Colin you gonna be there with a bucket of water and a sponge?
    Colin Morgan : wha —
    Johnny Capps : Aren’t you gonna to be there with a bucket of water and a sponge? 
    Colin Morgan : (laughing and rocking back and forth) ehhhh — no
    Bradley James : I was playing football once and err it was just after we’d finished season one and this guy, this defender crunched me just y’know just tackled me quite ferociously and err it took me a while to get off the ground and as i did he went “ Where’s Merlin now? ” {audience laughs} and i thought this is … this is where it begins, this is where my life ends-
    Colin Morgan : then I just poked out from behind the corner “forbearnan!”-
    Bradley James : he then was y’know obliterated into an ashy pulp-
    Colin Morgan : he died
    Bradley James : cheers, Merlin 

    Casts + Brolin being funny during Merlin panel Q/A, London Expo 2009
    image by TravelShorts

    (Source: brolinexplizit)


    I can’t lose him! He’s my friend…He’s my King


    ok now that i know what’s this ice bucket challenge i need a wet bradley james challenging colin morgan more than air

    Or wet Bradley James pouring ice water onto Colin (like Arthur and Merlin) is also great