Mean orange team knocking down and hurting Bradley twice at Soccer Six

gifs made from video posted by youtuber mandaemrys

#WHERE’S MERLIN NOW? (hannijar)


21-22/50 photos - Behind the Scenes of Merlin

Testament of Youth (credit to yavannauk / ps by me)


Bradley and his sister Natalie at the London marathon.

- Photo posted by Natalie on Twitter


After being bombarded with all these stunning photos of Colin Morgan on the set of Testament of Youth, I let my hand slip… Tell me, you guys, how in the name of Merlin’s pants does he just get more and more gorgeous? At this rate, I doubt my obsession will ever be laid to rest… His fantastic hair kills me, though! Gahh… Well, this may go without saying, but I painted poppies to allude to Colin’s role as a soldier in the First World War. Such a performance for us all to look forward to! <3

FYI, I used Paint Tool SAI! Reference Photo / My Art Tag

Colin Morgan filming for Testament of youth

all credit goes to Neverif


Make me choose

sir-gawain asked: Merthur or Brolin


pairings (6/15)


The Best of Bradley James Part 1


Colin Morgan ~ ‘Testament Of Youth’ filming in Oxford 09.04.14 *Part 4*

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A Colin for every day (95/365) (Credit to pink-unicorn7 and @team_merlin)


Literally three months ago, smileandthesunwillshine asked me for some Merthur based off of the Little Mermaid! If you’ll still have me, this is for you!

Poor Arthur - hope you’ve got your sea legs, big guy.

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