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  • DeathinMIND

    27, Hong Kong Chinese //
    Drawing & Manip // Merlin ;
    Bradley James X Colin Morgan = Long Live BROLIN

    Brolin’s grumpy cat faces


    lol idk what i tried to do, but i tried…


    mashkid9 "I absolutely adore you. Ur posts are simply amazing. What is your frankly.me nickname? Can we be friends there?

    WOW,I am not that awesome, but I am so honored to be your friend!!

    Please call be copper

  • 10.Sep.2014
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  • Merthur - Nap after round 1

    Still no idea for updating my Chinese merthur fanfic,
    and I drew something quick to cheer myself up.

    Art for my “treat me gently please” merthur fanfic,
    Thanks for 640+ followers (X)


    Merlin AU - Constantine
    (created for pthon’s week 7 bonus challenge)

    Arthur battles the forces of Evil—hunts, kills, exorcists, and generally kick demon ass—in hope of gaining his way back into Heaven. Merlin’s always been able to see angels and demons, but has managed to keep his head down until the moment where he couldn’t and found himself hunted down.

    Arthur’s case brings him to Merlin and together they have to figure out why demons are suddenly trying to cross over into our world without taking possession of a host. There’s lots of ass kicking and sassing annoying, unhelpful angels and demons alike, and falling in love and generally being so over Heaven and Hell thinking that this world is their goddamn playground.


    FEMM on their way to save the world nbd

    FEMM - Unbreakable (x)

    Don’t let go, Don’t you dare let go.


    FEMM - Unbreakable (new song)


    The mile high adventures of Captain Pendragon and trolley dolly Merlin Emrys

    progress wip shots here icymi ✿*‿*✿


    Boku no Kareshi wa Tonikaku Kawaii

    (Hidoku Shinaide // Maya x Nemu) - Nekota Yonezou (chn)


    or Sendspace


    i want someone to look at me the way Bradley James looks at Colin Morgan


    Colin Morgan, 30th December 2013
    © pics by iamacolinmorganist