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    27, Hong Kong Chinese //
    Drawing & Manip // Merlin ;
    Bradley James X Colin Morgan = Long Live BROLIN
  • He is pretty special
  • He is only tiny
  • Take me to Glasgow
  • Oh my god, we're a pair of weirdos
  • Yeah, he loves milk. Post him milk!
  • Ah! Play with Colin!
  • Beaming with pride
  • Colin agrees with me.
  • He can sing really, really well.
  • Do you mean Merlin & Arthur are going old together or Colin & Bradley?
  • We've probably been to a similar journey to Arthur and Merlin.
  • I spend most of my time with Colin
  • ...But Professor Morgan does...
  • I find inspiration with Colin.
  • After watching Bradley drive around his origami car, I believe in everything.
  • We called an intervention...he's changed since then, he becomes a better person.
  • Colin’s a vegetarian so he eats a lot of garlic and things...
  • Bradley made a very good point actually one time, Harry Potter needs a wand…
  • We are close enough that I’m sure we will stay in touch and hang out sometimes when the show finishes.
  • That's cool dude.
  • “Very best wishes!” “What he said”
  • We're gonna die.
  • We might choose one, stay tuned
  • "How wrong we were!" "No, I don't think it is!"
  • He opened the door on the way here for me. So thank you
  • You liking them?
  • I think we need a breather to realize there are other people
  • A piece of my heart goes out to you
  • Strange Wavelength
  • Myself and Colin
  • Colin and I
  • I love this guy
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